Universal Remote Control for TV

Universal Remote App for your smartphone now control your TV & much more."

Universal TV Remote App has the largest database of devices available. This Smart TV Remote has the fastest connectivity to Android Smart TV and other devices.
Traditional devices are supported using Infra-Red which is a built-in IR Blaster in a mobile or external IR Blaster can also be used, another option is a Wifi to IR Converter.
Universal TV Remote contains the following devices in one package, you just have to start TV Remote to control different devices.

• Android TV Remote
• TV Remote Control – IR
• AC Remote Control
• DVD Remote Control
• AVR Remote Control
• Home Theatre Remote Control
• Sound Bar Remote Control
• Set Top Box Remote Control
• HDMI Remote Control

Smart TV Remote app is available for many devices. Connect your Mobile and Smart Device to the same WiFi network and you are ready to start using and exploring the best features of Universal TV Remote. If you select smart remote in our Wifi section you will explore many Android TV Remote.

Beautiful Design of Universal TV Remote app is recommended by our user’s world Wide as best and simple to use Interface. All buttons, which are used frequently while controlling devices, are kept in the easiest selecting approach location.

So far the Best Universal Remote app recommended by Android users around the globe, enjoy and let us know your opinion for improvements on this Universal Remote.

Features of Universal Remote App
• IR Devices and Smart TV’s can easily be accessed separately from the main menu
• Any Last used remote is automatically saved in the Saved Remotes in Main Menu
• Universal Remote Features includes Power Control, Mute / Volume Control, TouchPad, Radial / Square Navigation, Channel Up / Fast Reverse, Forward/Fast Forward/ Down, Input, Home, Menu, Play, Pause, Reverse
• IR Remote App Features Include, Power Control, TV/AV, Pre Channel, Mute, Channel Buttons/Numbers, Volume Control, Menu, Radial and Square Navigation, Pause, Reverse/Fast Reverse, Forward/Fast Forward.

• “Universal Remote Control for TV, AC, STB – Free” will always be in your Pocket.
• You are on vacation and there is no AC Remote Available, Universal Remote will help you out.
• You are in a Learning Institute or Organisation and your Projector Remote is not working then Universal Remote will help you.
• You went to a friend’s home on weekend to watch a movie and you forgot your DVD Remote at home, Universal Remote will help you.
• You went to a restaurant and your desired Channel is not tuned on TV then Universal TV Remote App will help you.

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