File Manager

File Manager to organize data. Move, delete, rename files & EZ file cleaner.

File Organizer is a very useful and easy-to-use file explorer for all android devices. This file explorer is fast, free, and with advanced features which are extremely convenient to use. With this file organizer & storage cleaner, you can manage all files and folders on your mobile phones with a few taps. This storage cleaner has a unique feature to clean duplicate or unnecessary files. It can find exact copies of any type of file in any folder even if the names are not the same. It works as a storage cleaner to recover more space in your phone. EZ File Explorer and document manager assist you just like a manager or an assistant and gives you a quick review of all folders and files which are categorized. EZ file explorer app will make your life more simple and easier by organizing and all your stored files.

The file organizer is very convenient if you don’t want any hassle while doing storage cleaner or file browsing with the file manager. . This file explorer app will find all the files that are collected on your mobile phone. The file manager app supports a large number of features that include; move, search, delete, share unzip and rename. In this file explorer app manager, all folders and files will be organized according to their file types, date or size of the file, date or size so, that you can easily find files without any struggle. The file manager has multiple options to organize files like videos, photos & documents, etc. This file organizer will sort out all file explorer will sort all my files that you are looking for in the file manager.

Features of “File Manager“:

– With file explorer, you can sort all files easily and efficiently.
– This file explorer helps to organize my files according to categories.
– The file explorer enables you to access files like videos, photos, documents, APK, and all files.
– This file explorer allows to copy, rename, delete, move and unzip files in each category.
– Conveniently search all files and folders of the device with this file browser.
– With file organizer storage cleaner, easily transfer files from internal storage to external storage.

This file explorer also acts as an app manager and will assist you to find the transferred APK, as many times we couldn’t locate the downloaded APK, and then we install it on our phone numerous times due to which storage gets heavily occupied. But now with file explorer, these problems will not occur to anyone because of the file organizer and APK manager, so that you can find all downloaded APKs which can be easily found, and after that, you can easily share, delete and rename them.

Download ‘File Explorer – Clean Duplicate Files Remover’ and free yourself from the hassle of finding files on mobile phones. If you have any queries regarding our file explorer app, please feel free to contact us.

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